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Cricket Club

Cricket Club

Phoenix Cricket Club, formed in 1830, is the oldest cricket club in Ireland and believed to be the third oldest in the world. In 1838, the Commissioner of Woods and Forests granted permission for a 150 yards square near the Wellington Monument for the cricket club. A temporary rail had to be erected around the square, as several players were injured due to the poor conditions of the ground, which had been badly cut up by the wandering animals. Permanent rails of an agreed thickness were subsequently erected and painted white so as to be clearly visible to horsemen.

In 1846, when the main road through the Phoenix Park was widened, the club had to move again. A new ground in an adjacent area was recommended, and in view of the expense already incurred by the club, the move was financed by the Board of Works at a cost of £73. The Phoenix Cricket Club have remained at this present ground ever since.

Spectators are always welcome.


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