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Wellington Monument

Wellington Monument

The Wellington Monument is an obelisk located in the Phoenix Park.It is the tallest obelisk in Europe, standing at 203 feet. The monument is located at the south-east end of the park and overlooks the River Liffey and Kilmainham. It was built to commemorate the victories of the ‘Iron Duke’, Arthur Wellington, the 1st Duke of Wellington. It was originally planned to be located in Merrion Square, however, after objections from residents, it was agreed to be moved  to the Phoenix Park.Construction was completed in 1861.

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The Wellington Monument was designed by the architect Sir Robert Smirke. There are four bronze plaques cast from cannons captured at Waterloo, three of which have pictorial representations of his career, while the fourth has an inscription. The plaques depict ‘Civil and Religious Liberty’ by John Hogan, ‘Waterloo’ by Thomas Farrell and the ‘Indian Wars’ by Joseph Kirk.

The inscription reads:

Asia and Europe, saved by thee, proclaim Invincible in war thy deathless name,

Now round thy brow the civic oak we twine, that every earthly glory may be thine.